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Required Forms

Estimated time for completion: 60 minutes

Pre-requisites: Signed physical form from player's doctor

Note: Please arrange for your child's physical prior to the tryouts. 

All forms will be submitted online through Dragonfly. Athletes interested in trying out for Milton Soccer must submit all completed forms via Dragonfly by January 1, 2023. Students that have not completed and submitted forms cannot participate in fitness assessment or tryouts. 


Dragonfly is an online form submission process. There are two parts. All the forms you need are already located online at Dragonfly EXCEPT for the Pre-participation Physical Form and a photocopy of the front and back of your insurance card. The Pre-participation Physical Form must be printed out and taken with you to a doctors office to be filled out.  This document along with your insurance card photo can be uploaded to Dragonfly. Please click each form button below to print out the form. 




Registration with Dragonfly acknowledges compliance with the following...





Please note that after forms are submitted, academic eligibility will be verified prior to tryouts. Students who have more than one failing grade during the fall semester will not be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics. Until all forms have been turned in and eligibility has been verified, students will not be allowed to participate in tryouts. 


If a student is rostered to a winter sport, per GHSA rules, players cannot tryout or practice with any other high school team while they are rostered to another high school team. Please email Coach Hilpertshauser and let her know. Coaching staff will determine when a tryout takes place. This does not apply to any club teams.

Visit for comprehensive info and to get started. Download quick instructions below. 


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