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Our season has officially begun, and our teams have been vigorously preparing for our upcoming schedule of competition. With that, like other teams at our school, we have found ourselves in an unfortunate circumstance regarding travel to our away games. Due to the FCS bus driver shortage, the county is unable to guarantee confirmed drivers for those games. Given this situation, we are requesting assistance from our families by offering to drive players to our away games.


We understand this situation is not ideal; however, we are dedicated to ensuring your child’s experience is minimally disturbed by the unique circumstances within which we are still operating.


If you can assist, please use the link provided to complete the Parent Transportation Questionnaire. This information is critical for establishing an organized logistical plan for each of our teams. Lastly, although your child will receive a hard copy waiver that needs to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the school. Copies are also for download on the MHS Soccer website.  

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